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Whether you've lost your green card or you want to change your immigration status, you'll accomplish more with an immigration attorney. If you're in the West Hollywood or Los Angeles, CA area, come to the Law Offices of Geoffrey Bosmans. Our immigration attorney can guide you through everything from getting a green card replacement to becoming a naturalized citizen.

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Why you need an immigration attorney

Your immigration status isn't something you want to leave up in the air. The Law Offices of Geoffrey Bosmans can handle any aspect of immigration law, including...

  • Filing and presenting paperwork to the U.S. immigration services
  • Attending any meetings and immigration hearings
  • Representing you in immigration court
  • Processing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) requests
  • Handling green card replacements and renewals
  • Naturalizations/citizenship adjustment of status
Don't let another day go by without knowing your immigration status. Visit our immigration law firm in West Hollywood, California as soon as possible.

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Why Choose Us?

Mr. Bosman's Services Include:

  • A consultation to evaluate your case and situation
  • Travel to address your legal needs
  • Step by step support through the legal process
  • Representation in court, mediation and immigration interviews
  • Filing and services of all documents and paperwork
  • A follow-up on your case and status